What is Linnworks

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  • Multi Channel

  • Inventory Management

  • Simplified Listings

  • Order Management System

  • Stock Control

  • Shipping Management

  • Reporting

  • Easy Customisation

  • Dedicated Support

What is Linnworks?

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What is Linnworks

Linnworks is a unique cloud based, Multi Channel eCommerce system, which enables you to take control of your Inventory Management, Order Fulfilment and Product Listings, by using an integrated software solution to connect and automate every aspect of your selling process. This state of the art selling integration package allows you to connect your eCommerce website along with multiple sales channels, such as Amazon and eBay, whilst at the same time enabling you to synchronise your inventory for increased efficiency, greater cost-savings and more freedom, thus enabling you to accelerate your revenue.

Take Control of your Business Management Software.

Combine all of your selling processes into one efficient system.

Manage your eCommerce company using a "single point of truth"

Enterprise class reporting features.
Listing creation and revision.
Inventory Management
Linnworks is equipped to support continued growth
Tools and support to scale your businesses.
Online Orders
Bespoke Customisation

Linnworks Features

Multi Channel Software

Linnworks is an automated eCommerce software solution which enables you to consolidate all of your selling channels into a simple cloud based system.

Sell with confidence across multiple eCommerce platforms including Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and more. Reduce the chaos of overselling using the best online retail operations platform.

Inventory Management

One of the basic fundamentals for your online retail business is inventory management.


The ability to keep track of the full life cycle of your stock is pivotal to productivity and operational flow.

Linnworks' automated inventory control system allows you to synchronise your stock across multiple channels at the click of a mouse, as soon as the shipment arrives in your warehouse.

Simplified Listings

Linnworks enables you to list your inventory from a central data hub, thus simplifying the catalogue process for your sales channels.


Listings are created in seconds using bulk listing tools. Then controlled by channel specific prices, titles and descriptions.

Listing templates store generic data such as payment, shipping and returns policies, thereby reducing manual processes.

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Order Management

Stock Control

The inventory dashboard provides complete visibility for all of your merchandise control processes.

View inventory levels at a glance in multiple locations, including your suppliers warehouses.

Managed audit trail for live stock, minimum levels, purchase orders, and composite items. Stock levels are synchronised across all of your online marketplaces whenever an item is sold.

Shipping Management

Utilise automated shipping with seamless data transfer to your chosen range of international and domestic couriers, including

Amazon, DHL, DPD, Royal Mail, Fedex, Hermes and Parcel Force

Tracking data from the courier is fed back via Linnworks to your sales channels and customers.

Fine tune your order fulfilment rules using the powerful Linnworks Rules Engine.

Automation is one of the central benefits of the Linnworks' order fulfilment system.

Orders are downloaded from the respective sales channels and marked as either paid or unpaid.


Order processing is simple and intuitive. Key functions include  print invoices, labels, pick and pack lists, merge and fulfil orders, submit courier and tracking data, all from a single order console.

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Check the pulse of your eCommerce business at a glance using in depth reporting features.


Analyse historical and seasonal data for stock consumption metrics, unsold or unlisted stock, granular sales, processed orders, returns, refunds and more,


Make informed purchasing and marketing decisions based on your actual profits by utilising accurate sales reports.

Easy Customisation

Customise the system to suit the unique requirements of your online retail operations.

Integrate your choice of over 100

automated applications from the Linnworks Application Store, including channel, native, mobile, system or shipping integrations.

Apply tiers of customisation including the Linnworks Rules Engine, third party apps or direct connection to the Linnworks API.

Dedicated Support

At GSM-CS we recognise that support is vital to any software integration for your business.

Linnworks online help includes knowledge base articles, training videos, webinars, documentation, community advice forums and support tickets for all accounts.

GSM-CS offer guided on-boarding packages for new accounts along with bespoke audit and review packages for existing clients.